Coronavirus Update

Coranavirus FAQ’s

Will my membership be frozen now that the gym is closed?

Your membership fees will be frozen and we won’t be collecting your direct debit until we can re-open so you don not have to worry about further money coming out of your account.

If I want to cancel, how do I go about this?

We would advise you not to cancel your membership as you may be required to pay an admin fee upon joining again and we cannot guarantee you would recieve the same membership rate as you currently have. If you still wish to cancel your membership then please send an email to healthhub@azcend.co.uk 

I have an annual membership how will I be refunded?

We will be crediting the time we are closed onto the end of your membership, this will happen automatically when we re-open

I have PT sessions outstanding, what happens to these?

PT sessions won’t expire, once we re-open the sessions can be used. We are also looking to setup virtual PT sessions whilst the gym is closed.