Nutrition for men

Step 2 – nutrition coaching for men

Nutrition coaching is all about seeing the bigger picture, reaching your health & fitness goals is not easy, there is no lack of information on the internet of what to do or not to do to get results, but knowing what is right for you and your goals needs an experienced exercise and nutrition coach to give you focus, clarity and accountability to get the results you want and deserve.

For men we have the following nutrition programme


Fat loss & muscle building coaching for Men – Whether it’s a kick start to a new lifestyle or shedding those last few pounds to reveal the lean you.


  • Initial InBody analysis & consultation
  • Dedicated fitness & nutrition coach
  • Personalised fitness & nutrition goal setting & plan
  • Weekly accountability check-in
  • Weekly InBody Analysis
  • Monthly fitness and nutrition plan review
  • Private Gold Members Only Facebook community group 
  • Access to members only fitness & nutrition content

Minimum 3 month term

Who is this for?

The Gold coaching programme is for those men who are ready to change the way they look. You maybe new to the gym or a regular, but your body just isn’t the way you want it. This programme first deals with losing excess body fat, whilst keeping or increasing your muscle mass. Once the fat has gone, we then sculpt the body you want. 

Length of programme?

We start with an initial 3 month agreement, then into a rolling monthly contract. The level of success in those 3 months depends on two main factors 1) your starting position and 2) the effort you put in. We help and guide you through the journey, if you do what you are told and put the effort in you will get the results.

Type of training?

The basis of all male transformations is weight training, depending on your starting point cardio based exercise may also be included. This training can be done as part of the Azcend group training sessions, or as workouts on your own either at the Azcend hub or any other gym.

What will I eat?

What you eat and drink is paramount when shedding body fat, and gaining muscle, no amount of exercise will out do a bad diet.

You will be given a personalised nutrition plan, for you to follow, giving calories and macro’s to follow. Note this is NOT a meal plan as these DO NOT work, you will get access to recipes and example meal plans for idea’s.

We cater for both meat based and plant based diets. (Yes you can build muscle and get lean on plant based diets)

Your nutrtion plan will be reviewed and amended by your coach every month.

Do I need to take supplements?

Following your initial consultation, you will be advised whether or not any supplements are required. In general most men require the following supplements: – Protein powder, green powder, multi-vitamins, Omega oils & digestive ensymes.

Weekly accountability check-in

Every week you will be required to complete a check-in form that will be reviewed by your coach. This form is about reviewing what you have acheived in the week and what your goals are for the coming week.

What's InBody analysis?

At Azcend we use InBody body analysis scales to find out and track what you are made of. The scales are accurate, quick and easy to use enabling us to track the following: –

  • Body water levels
  • Total muscle mass
  • Total fat mass
  • Vissceral fat -(fat around the organs)
  • Segmental muscle mass
  • Segmental fat mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • and more…

Whilst in the programme you will have access to use the scales every week to track progress.

How will I contact my coach?

Following the initial consultation, support from your coach will be via email. We aim to respond to all emails within 2 working days.

The dedicated Facebook group can also be used to ask questions from other members, and the Azcend coaching team.

Members website

Whilst in the programme you will get access to the members website, where male fat loss and muscle building content can be found. 

Step 3 – book a call

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Changing lives

This is what our clients have to say about us:.

“the journey to lose weight was hard, but I’d made a decision to change that I was committed too. With Zoe’s help and support I have turned my life around and now love how I feel, I have more energy and I now like what I see in the mirror.”


Gayle A

“I was struggling with fad diets and needed a push to really change my life. I was supported to make huge lifestyle changes, overhauling my diet and exercise regime. I’m a different person now with a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a normal part of my routine, my shape has changed dramatically and I have more confidence.”

Kirsty M

“I was sceptical thinking it wouldn’t work but Zoe reassured me it is a lifestyle change and if i put in the work i would see the results. Now a year on, I’m now at my target weight of 10 stone and wearing size 10-12 and have lost 8 stone. I’m now fit, strong, happy and confident. I no longer walk into a room staring at the floor, i walk in with my head held high.”

Charlotte B

Disclaimer: Success is hard. We coach every one of our clients to get results, we help and support them every step of the way, but ultimately they do the work! Everyone is different, and therefore everyone will get different results, if you do what we say you will get your own best possible results. Your results are a sum of time spent following the plan, your genetic response to the right exercise and nutrition programme; how hard you exercise; how consistently you exercise; how disciplined you are with your nutrition; and your starting point.

In the end the result is down to you.