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changing lives

This is what our clients have to say about us:

“the journey to lose weight was hard, but I’d made a decision to change that I was committed too. With Zoe’s help and support I have turned my life around and now love how I feel, I have more energy and I now like what I see in the mirror.”


Gayle A

“I was struggling with fad diets and needed a push to really change my life.  I was supported to make huge lifestyle changes, overhauling my diet and exercise regime. I’m a different person now with a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is a normal part of my routine, my shape has changed dramatically and I have more confidence.”
Kirsty M

“I was sceptical thinking it wouldn’t work but Zoe reassured me it is a lifestyle change and if i put in the work i would see the results. Now a year on, I’m now at my target weight of 10 stone and wearing size 10-12 and have lost 8 stone. I’m now fit, strong, happy and confident. I no longer walk into a room staring at the floor, i walk in with my head held high.”

Charlotte B

Disclaimer: Success is hard. We coach every one of our clients to get results, we help and support them every step of the way, but ultimately they do the work! Everyone is different, and therefore everyone will get different results, if you do what we say you will get your own best possible results. Your results are a sum of time spent following the plan, your genetic response to the right exercise and nutrition programme; how hard you exercise; how consistently you exercise; how disciplined you are with your nutrition; and your starting point.

In the end the result is down to you.